Verification of a novel solid-state electronic glucose sensor


Self-monitoring of glucose using a portable meter enables people with diabetes to control their glucose levels effectively. Ascilion develops a new type of such meter.

It is minimally invasive and causes no pain, with needles too short to reach sensory nerves in the skin. It utilizes interstitial fluid (ISF) as measurement media, extracted through a matrix of micro needles and fed into a solid-state electronics sensor that converts glucose concentration to an electric signal.

For the reliability of results and the medical outcome of diabetes therapy, a glucose meter’s accuracy is paramount. The aim of the proposed project is to perform the first clinical sensitivity and accuracy verification of Ascilion’s sensor using interstitial fluid from human beings. The work is performed in collaboration between Ascilion, Uppsala University Hospital and Uppsala University.




Photo: Ascilion


Project leader Pelle Rangsten, Ascilion AB

Funding from SWElife 784 000 SEK

Call for diabetes 2014 (SWElife)

About the project at Vinnova (in Swedish)