Highly accelerated healing of chronic wounds in diabetes patients


This project has developed a local treatment with optimized lactic acid bacteria for highly accelerated healing of chronic wounds in patients with diabetes.


People with diabetes are more prone to develop skin wounds and the wounds often become chronic. Today, 6 million Europeans with diabetes have a chronic wound with high risk for infection. We have designed a library optimized lactic acid bacteria delivering effector proteins that accelerates healing of injured tissue. The bacteria are freezedried, stored, revived and placed in the wound. The technology is unique and derives from decades of academic research.

Based on exceptional preclinical results on wound healing and the large unmet need for healing of chronic wounds, patent applications for the technology were filed. A very positive preliminary statement was recently given in the matter. With support from SweLife we now focus all our resources to facilitate a first clinical trial at Uppsala University Hospital 2017 to pave way for future clinical trials assessing healing of chronic wound in patients with diabetes.

The project is run from Uppsala University in conjunction with the Swedish Agricultural University and newly formed Ilya Pharma AB, and supported by Uppsala Innovation Centre and Uppsala University Innovation.



Biotherapeutics affects the green immune cells.


Project leader Evelina Vågesjö, Uppsala University evelina.vagesjo@mcb.uu.se
Funding from Swelife 2014: 1 000 000 SEK. 2015: 2 000 000 SEK
Calls for proposal:
Swelife Call for diabetes 2014
Swelife spring 2015 call, for proposals for collaborative innovation projects within non-communicable diseases

About the project at Vinnova (in Swedish)